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Catholic tours to Israel

When you book one of the many Catholic trips to the Holy Land with IBMT Tours, you can count on a company with lots of experience in the region. We book tours for many different religious persuasions and our tours cater to the desires of the travelers and they will be everything you expect and then some. Catholic trips to Israel will take the traveler to all the major sights that hold relevance to their faith that will educate, inform, and entertain any traveler seeking a spiritual re-connection with their faith. Catholic Holy Land tours will show you the trials of Christ, sanctuaries and holy sites that hold religious significance and tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by any all visitors of Israel Christian tours. When you arrive in the country for one of our many Israel Christian tours, you will be met by one of our travel representatives to help with all the details that are involved with your selected vacation.

Catholic trips to the Holyland

• You will arrive in Tel Aviv and one of the representatives will meet you at the airport and ferry you to your luxury accommodations for a night of rest before we meet with you again to outline how your vacation will be one to die for. After our meeting, you will have the day free to enjoy the ‘city that never sleeps.’ If you want to shop, there are many places to visit, if fining dining is what will appeal to you on your first day in Tel Aviv, there are many world-class restaurants to provide the dining experience you are looking for. You can schedule a beach day if a dip in the Mediterranean is what you seek to rest and re-charge the batteries for a fast-paced tour that will build memories to last for your entire life. A tour of the city will be scheduled and it will show the visitor just modern Tel Aviv is, you will see trade and commerce, art, history, and culture that Israel displays for the entire world to see.

Israel Christian tours will include a stop in Jerusalem and you will see two cities in one. Your visit to Jerusalem will begin in the Old City to provide a perspective of all that Jerusalem is. You can take in the vista that is the view from Mount Olives; a visit to King David’s Tomb is one that is a must-see on any trip to the Old City as is a trip to Mount Zion for a look at the room where the Last Supper was held. The Jewish Quarter of the city has an allure that is unparalleled in the travel industry – you enter the Old City through the newly rebuilt Jewish Quarter and the activities end at this juncture at the Western Wall. Walk in footsteps of Christ, down the Via Dolorosa and end at the church of the Holy Sepulchre. Once your historical curiosity has been satisfied, we will make our way into the new city for a demonstration of the culture and art that intersect in Jerusalem. The Book of the Shrine if the first stop on a busy day and you will see the Dead Sea Scrolls there when you visit. Take in a session of the Israeli parliament with a tour of the Knesset, then a stop at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Centre that was established in 1953. Dinner in a traditional Middle Eastern restaurant will be on our to-do list for the day and to end it we will see a light show at the Tower of David Museum.

• When you travel to Masada for a tour of the siege site, it will begin with a panoramic drive along the Dead Sea that provides spectacular views of the sea and it is enchanting in the main. We arrive at the mountain plateau for a cable car ride to the top. Masada has immense historical value, the people who were under siege by the Romans refused to surrender and held out until they chose freedom before slavery. When you take to the top of the plateau, you will see a storehouse and a water system that keep the Zealots in food and water as the Romans tried to starve them out.

• Another stop that holds prominence among Christians is Caesaria where the ancient Roman conquerors established a capital city of the empire in this region. An intact aqueduct and old Roman theatre were unearthed during an archaeological dig some time ago and it is a window on the history of the area.

These are a few vignettes of the sights and sounds of Israel that you will experience when you take a tour of the Holy Land with IBMT Tours. We have more than three decades of experience providing outstanding travel experiences and our work well respected in the country. We can send you on a tour with established stops or we can help you develop your tour of a lifetime with stops that will cater to your interests and lifestyle. Contact the only travel company in Israel when you reach out to us at IBMT Tours for your trip to the Holy Land.   

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