Nazareth - The Magical place

Published on March 16, 2020 by IBMT

Holy Land tours for Christians of Israel is important to the true believer. Seeing the history that they studied brought to life in real-time that traveling through Israel will bring a new sense of spirituality to them. There are many important historical sites when Israel tours for Catholics are booked with our company IBMT Tours. We send Catholics and Christians on tours to Israel – Holy Land packages from the USA can be booked too – that bring them a deep sense of understanding of their faith. When religious tours are booked, Nazareth is the one place that all Christians and Catholics wish to visit to walk in the steps of Jesus. And see the rich history that the region holds for the religious traveler we cater to. We work with some of the best hoteliers in Israel to provide deluxe accommodations, the best restaurants that provide authentic Israeli cuisine or the cuisine of your choice can be booked for your tour. Our team in Israel are in the country, and they will take you to places that many don’t see. Enjoy the rich culture of Israel, learning the history, see the artifacts and above all the rich architecture and fine art of the religious sites you will visit in Nazareth.

Holy and tours for Christians and Catholics in NazarethHoly land tours from Canada and USA

Nazareth is one of the most important cities in Israel for the religious traveler. They can see many sites where Jesus spent time, see some of the outstanding churches that are in the city, and visit sites that will be relaxing for the traveler.

  • The most popular destination by far in Nazareth is the Church of the Annunciation. Its historical record dates back to the third century and was destroyed in the sixth century. Re-built, the church stands as a monument to the Crusader faith and has a grotto below ground for travelers to see earlier renditions of the church on the site.
  • To learn of the importance of Nazareth to the Catholic faith, stop in at the Mary of Nazareth International Centre. Here, you will be treated to a multimedia presentation to give you details that didn’t know the Catholic Church in Nazareth and the education will be illuminating.
  • St. Gabriel’s Church and Mary’s Well are two destinations in one – the church is Greek Orthodox, and at Mary’s Well, it is written that the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to inform her she would be the Mother of God.
  • The Ancient Bath House is a Roman-era site that was discovered during an archaeological dig that unearthed the rare prize. The bathhouse dates back to the time of Herod, and it is an interesting demonstration of Roman engineering.
  • Another historical site that is worth its weight in gold is Zippori. Excavations in this region have yielded many important Roman artifacts and they related to the religious wars that were fought during the Crusades. An old church, a Roman theatre, and a Crusader castle stand a testament to the faith of those who erected them.
  • Nazareth Village is the place to visit to see Galilean life up close and personal as it was centuries ago. You gain an insight into the customs and rituals that were practiced by ancient Galileans and get a feel for how they lived ages ago.
  • The Shuk is a bazaar that has been in business for hundreds of years. The shops and stalls range from the tourist kitsch to practical items that all Galileans need every day. The bazaar is a combination of Arab and Jewish vendors and you can buy religious items too.
  • One big industry in Nazareth are spices, and you can visit the largest spice emporium when going Elbabour for a scenic day trip. Perfumed oils, spices that will perk up any dish are available – and they can be great souvenirs for your friends back home. 

For the Christian and Catholic who takes a pilgrimage to Israel to visit Nazareth, there is plenty to do and see. The Church of Fright will provide a great vista of northern Nazareth, and it was the site where Jesus was almost thrown off a cliff by the townsfolk.
To walk in the step of Jesus in Nazareth, you need a top-notch travel company to make the trip a worthwhile, satisfying journey. When you book the vacation of your religious pilgrimage with us at IBMT Tours you can count on all your dreams coming true. We take great care to understand your needs then we match our wide selection of travel destinations make your trip an unforgettable one. For a consultation to start the booking process for your trip to Israel, call our office at IBMT Tours today at 1.877.977.4268.
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