Top sites any Christian should visit in Israel

Published on April 11, 2019 by IBMT

Top sites any Christian should visit in Israel

Israel is home to many, and three religions have dominated the area for well over 4000 years, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have been the mainstays. Israel hosts many visitors every year and Christian heritage tours to Israel help those of the Christian faith connect with the message of God in a way they wouldn’t in their own home country. You can experience the life of Christ when you visit the sites that Christ visited and see the locations that hold a great deal of significance for the Christian faith. Your vacation to Israel is one you may take only once, and it is more than important that you trust your travel plans to the only company that has the expertise and ability to structure your vacation to your satisfaction. At IBMT Tours, you will feel confident that they will be able to make your vacation a memory that will be warmly remembered, and one to be enjoyed again. As a going concern in Israel, IBMT Tours will take you to places that most tourists won’t see and you will experience the country from a local perspective that makes all the difference in the world when you see the country from that perspective.

Christian trips to Israel


•  Israel has many destinations to visit that are important to all people of faith, and Nazareth stands out as one of the most important for Christians. The site of the Annunciation is a holy place for Christians, at this site, the Virgin Mary received a visit from the Angel Gabriel and she informed that she would bear the Lamb of God. Christians can visit Cana, where one of Christ’s first miracles was performed at the Wedding Chapel. According to history, Christ turned water into wine at a wedding reception that heralded his divinity to the masses. Mount Tabor is another one of the many sites that hold religious importance for Christians. At the top of the mountain, the Gospel tells us that the Transfiguration of Christ took place, and is considered a holy site for Christians. Nazareth is considered the childhood home of Jesus and there are many short excursions you can take that Jesus walked when he was growing up in the town.
Christian trips to Israel
•  In Jerusalem, you can visit two different cities in one. The Golden City of Jerusalem holds two cities, the Old and New City that offers many things for travelers. The Old City is divided into four to represent the major factions that inhabit the city. The Christian Quarter of the city is entered through the Jaffa Gate where you will see the Tower of David upon arrival. Many places of Christian worship can be visited like the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Church of St. John the Baptist. Any visit to Jerusalem wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Yad Vashem, the world’s for most important Holocaust Museum. The Israel Museum will take visitors back in time where they can see the Dead Sea Scrolls that date back thousands of years. 
•  When you visit the Sea of Galilee, the first stop for many Christians is the Mount of Beatitudes. It is here that Jesus delivered the Sermon of the Mount to his followers that cemented his stature as the Son of God. Yardenit is another site that holds a great of importance for the faithful – it is the site of many baptisms on the River Jordan where many confirmed their faith in Jesus Christ. When you visit the area, you must stop at St. Peter’s Church in Capernaum. The church is the site of many religious pilgrimages for Catholics and sees thousands of visitors every year. A boat tour of the Sea of Galilee will leave visitors breathless when they see the vistas of Israel from the water and the tour will be memorable for the Christian taking in the sights of the country.
christian trip to jerusalem
•  Another religious site that has a large draw for Christian visitors is Bethsaida, just two miles from the coast of Galilee. It is here that Jesus performed the miracle of loaves and fish – he turned a small sample of food into a banquet that fed over 5000 people when they came to hear him speak the word of God. 
•  For many, a trip to Tel Aviv is one that will top off their religious holiday with a day at the beach and the cosmopolitan atmosphere that acts as a balance for your religious holiday. Tel Aviv is the ‘City That Never Sleeps,’ and there are many activities to keep a visitor busy throughout their stay there. One stop for the cultured visitor is the Tel Aviv Museum, it houses some of the most important art created in Israel and internationally and it is commemorated as one of the top art museums in the world. Independence Hall is another stop you must see, it is the birthplace of Israel, the country was born on a set of stairs that is now glorified as the place where Israelis got their country in accordance with God’s promise.


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