Top beaches in the Holy Land

Published on June 18, 2019 by IBMT

Best beaches in the Holy LandBeaches in Holy land

Amazing Israel tours will see you on the vacation of a lifetime. Your Holy Land tours package that is created by IBMT Tours will be remembered as the best vacation you ever have taken. From the ancient to the modern, cosmopolitan society, Israel offers something for everyone and the treasures of the country are ready to be discovered when you make arrangements to visit the most beautiful country in the Middle East. Trekking across Israel will provide the traveler with a spiritual experience like none other and the artifacts and religious history that one will encounter will be beyond the scope of anything they currently know. When the traveler isn’t communing with their faith or visiting ruins that are thousands of years old, they should know that there are pearls waiting for them in Tel Aviv.

The beach is part of amazing Israel tours and the beaches of Tel Aviv are some of the most pristine in the Middle East, if not the world. When you book with us at IBMT Tours, you can rest easy in the knowledge that we have an extensive network of travel consultants and guides on the ground in Israel and we maintain a sterling reputation with some of the finest hotels in the country that will assure your vacation is a successful one. For many years our team has been the top travel company for Holy Land tour packages from Canada and we continue to set the pace for tours of Israel. As part of your tour of Israel, time at the beach is a must and there a several beaches that offer different experiences that travelers crave when they seek out the luxurious relaxation of sitting in the warm sunshine with a cool breeze blowing off the water. When you go to the beach in Israel, it is similar to going to the United Nations; there are throngs of different nationalities speaking different languages that blend in the common cause of a great day at the beach. Israel is a small country and has approximately 200kms of coastline – most of it along the Mediterranean. About 40 per cent of Israel’s beaches are clustered on the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee to give travelers a good selection of beaches to visit or see all of them if a true beach vacation is what you seek. 

Meet me at the beach, the beaches in Israel

The different beach areas have distinct characteristics that lend themselves to visitors’ preferences and it shakes out like this. If you are young and seek a raucous day at the beach, you will go to the coastal areas of Tel Aviv, married people who seek a little slower pace with a reduced party atmosphere will visit the Dead Sea area, and for those who want a quiet day at the beach, they will go to one of the many locations along the north coast of the Sea of Galilee. 

  • Tel Aviv Beach consists of many smaller beaches lumped into one area. They have the benefit of providing a different ambiance that can be attuned to the visitor’s desires. A family holiday booking might be best served with beach activities at Jerusalem Beach, or, if you are inclined to travel a small distance to the northern Tzuk (Cliff) Beach can be the answer for family-related beach activities. If the  view is the thing for a beach vacation excursion, we would like to suggest a trip to Gordon Beach or Metzitzim for a vista that will create lasting memories. One thing to remember though, the beaches get busy on weekends, so you might want to think about the days you choose for your beach days in Tel Aviv.
  • A tourist favorite is Dor HaBonim Beach in the northern part of Israel. It is hard against the Mediterranean coastline and offers much for the visitor. Sitting on a secluded lagoon is part of the charm of this area that has many satellite beaches to visit when you come north. A calm and relaxed ambiance is part of the atmosphere you will encounter when you come here and it has few crowds and is  a recreational paradise for the visitor.
  • Beit Yannai Beach is a surfer’s paradise among other things and it rivals Big Sur in California for quality surfing. The beach supports many other activities like boating and fishing should you be inclined to take a tour on the water that is crystal clear for swimming. You can enjoy many water sports here and the beach is immaculate when you arrive and is kept that way for our entire stay.
  • If romance is what you seek when you go to the beach for moonlit walks or sunsets that will take your breath away, come to En Gev Beach. The beach is located on the Sea of Galilee at the eastern end and just exudes relaxation. For the traveler, the Sea of Galilee is much different from other parts of Israel, the water contains less salt content, and a day in the water won’t leave you looking like a prune. In the area, the tourist attractions have been scaled up to provide visitors with a great selection of quality restaurants, accommodations and did we mention BBQ pits that dot the beach to sate the hungry beach goer’s appetite.

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Many stunning vistas await you when you take in a beach day or two on tour of Israel and you will be disappointed if you miss out on the relaxation and vibrancy that makes up the atmosphere of beaches of Israel. For more than 30-years, we at IBMT Tours have catered to vacation travelers when they book their arrangements for a tour of the Holy Land with our company. Let us help get your toes in the sand when you want to take a trip to one of Israel’s fine beaches at IBMT Tours. For your travel consultation to build the trip of your dreams contact our office at IBMT Tours today at 1.877.977.4268, and start packing!


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