Top beaches in the Holy Land

Published on June 18, 2019 by IBMT

Best beaches in the Holy LandBeaches in Holy land

Amazing Israel tours will see you on the vacation of a lifetime. Your Holy Land tours package that is created by IBMT Tours will be remembered as the best vacation you ever have taken. From the ancient to the modern, cosmopolitan society, Israel offers something for everyone and the treasures of the country are ready to be discovered when you make arrangements to visit the most beautiful country in the Middle East. Trekking across Israel will provide the traveler with a spiritual experience like none other and the artifacts and religious history that one will encounter will be beyond the scope of anything they currently know. When the traveler isn’t communing with their faith or visiting ruins that are thousands of years old, they should know that there are pearls waiting for them in Tel Aviv.

The beach is part of amazing Israel tours and the beaches of Tel Aviv are some of the most pristine in the Middle East, if not the world. When you book with us at IBMT Tours, you can rest easy in the knowledge that we have an extensive network of travel consultants and guides on the ground in Israel and we maintain a sterling reputation with some of the finest hotels in the country that will assure your vacation is a successful one. For many years our team has been the top travel company for Holy Land tour packages from Canada and we continue to set the pace for tours of Israel. As part of your tour of Israel, time at the beach is a must and there a several beaches that offer different experiences that travelers crave when they seek out the luxurious relaxation of sitting in the warm sunshine with a cool breeze blowing off the water. When you go to the beach in Israel, it is similar to going to the United Nations; there are throngs of different nationalities speaking different languages that blend in the common cause of a great day at the beach. Israel is a small country and has approximately 200kms of coastline – most of it along the Mediterranean. About 40 per cent of Israel’s beaches are clustered on the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee to give travelers a good selection of beaches to visit or see all of them if a true beach vacation is what you seek. 

Meet me at the beach, the beaches in Israel

The different beach areas have distinct characteristics that lend themselves to visitors’ preferences and it shakes out like this. If you are young and seek a raucous day at the beach, you will go to the coastal areas of Tel Aviv, married people who seek a little slower pace with a reduced party atmosphere will visit the Dead Sea area, and for those who want a quiet day at the beach, they will go to one of the many locations along the north coast of the Sea of Galilee. 

  • Tel Aviv Beach consists of many smaller beaches lumped into one area. They have the benefit of providing a different ambiance that can be attuned to the visitor’s desires. A family holiday booking might be best served with beach activities at Jerusalem Beach, or, if you are inclined to travel a small distance to the northern Tzuk (Cliff) Beach can be the answer for family-related beach activities. If the  view is the thing for a beach vacation excursion, we would like to suggest a trip to Gordon Beach or Metzitzim for a vista that will create lasting memories. One thing to remember though, the beaches get busy on weekends, so you might want to think about the days you choose for your beach days in Tel Aviv.
  • A tourist favorite is Dor HaBonim Beach in the northern part of Israel. It is hard against the Mediterranean coastline and offers much for the visitor. Sitting on a secluded lagoon is part of the charm of this area that has many satellite beaches to visit when you come north. A calm and relaxed ambiance is part of the atmosphere you will encounter when you come here and it has few crowds and is  a recreational paradise for the visitor.
  • Beit Yannai Beach is a surfer’s paradise among other things and it rivals Big Sur in California for quality surfing. The beach supports many other activities like boating and fishing should you be inclined to take a tour on the water that is crystal clear for swimming. You can enjoy many water sports here and the beach is immaculate when you arrive and is kept that way for our entire stay.
  • If romance is what you seek when you go to the beach for moonlit walks or sunsets that will take your breath away, come to En Gev Beach. The beach is located on the Sea of Galilee at the eastern end and just exudes relaxation. For the traveler, the Sea of Galilee is much different from other parts of Israel, the water contains less salt content, and a day in the water won’t leave you looking like a prune. In the area, the tourist attractions have been scaled up to provide visitors with a great selection of quality restaurants, accommodations and did we mention BBQ pits that dot the beach to sate the hungry beach goer’s appetite.

IBMT Tours and vacations

Many stunning vistas await you when you take in a beach day or two on tour of Israel and you will be disappointed if you miss out on the relaxation and vibrancy that makes up the atmosphere of beaches of Israel. For more than 30-years, we at IBMT Tours have catered to vacation travelers when they book their arrangements for a tour of the Holy Land with our company. Let us help get your toes in the sand when you want to take a trip to one of Israel’s fine beaches at IBMT Tours. For your travel consultation to build the trip of your dreams contact our office at IBMT Tours today at 1.877.977.4268, and start packing!


We went on a church group to the Holyland with IBMT Tours and had a great trip, everything was planned for us perfectly. There was over 123 people in four different bus groups and things went smoothly, I thought it was going to be hectic with that many people in the group but IBMT did a wonderful job and made sure the buses did not go convoy, every bus had its own time table and itinerary for the day, our guide Dani was so knowledgeable and loving. We love you IBMT and we will recommend you guys. Thanks for everything you have done for us.

For years, it had been a deep desire of mine to lead a group of pilgrims to the Holy Land.  I’m not sure how it happened (perhaps the grace of God), but I ended up working with Israel Biblical Mission Tours (IBMT) and specifically Ornan Sharaby.   Because I had never led a group like this before, I needed guidance.  Ornan and his team were wonderfully helpful.  They answered all my questions, and never seemed irritated when I called or emailed with what some might have considered a “Silly question.”  Then, when it was close to departure time, I had some apprehensions.  Ornan assured me that he had taken care of everything.  On the day of our departure, we (a group of 27) had no issues whatsoever.  As predicted, everything was “Taken care of.”  The flight experience was good.

Upon our arrival in Israel, the bus and the guide were waiting for us, took us to our Hotel, and we slept well.  We departed on our experience the next morning. 

As we progressed day by day, my wife and I were extremely pleased (as was the entire group).  Every detail of our trip was laid out, and we were treated so very well by everyone.  We experienced no difficulties at all.  It was truly better than we had anticipated.  My compliments to IBMT, and to Ornan and his team.  I simply cannot imagine things going any better.  Our itinerary was wonderful, our bus, and driver were phenomenal, and our guide was friendly, fun, and extremely knowledgeable.  They all made sure that we had an incredible Holy Experience…and we DID!

Every single member of our trip was overwhelmed with the experience, and went out of their way to tell me that their Holy Land Pilgrimage exceeded their expectations. 

Finally, on our last day in Israel, our driver and our guide, expressed their appreciation to us, and made sure that we arrived at the airport on time, and then our guide took up to the right place and helped us get checked in. 

I therefore, with no trepidation whatsoever, very highly recommend IBMT and Mr. Ornan Sharaby when you plan your Holy Land experience.  You could not be in better hands.

Pastor Stan Patterson
Church 213  Covington, Georgia

This was an incredible tour of Israel with IBMT Tours and I loved the additional trip to Petra as well. We had a very knowledgeable guide from Israel who gave us an extensive explanation of everything we saw in Israel. All of the hotels I stayed in were great with comfortable beds and wonderful buffet breakfasts!!

Dear Brother Ornan and Brother Thomas,

We, KBCUSA had a wonderful time with IBMT Holy Land Tour in November 2014. It was really great joy for our group, the members of Karen Baptist Churches USA. You have fulfilled our great expectation to visit the Holy Land. We all appreciate for your well arrangement for excellent hotels, Tours and the tour guide and the drivers as well. Especially we appreciate for your kind arrangement from Canada even we were on the Tour in Israel and the warmly and kind assists of Mr. Thomas Portmann who taking care of us as his family. We really enjoy the trip with IBMT. And this year, we will be going to Israel with your Tour again. I would like to invite you to visit and present about the upcoming tour at our KBCUSA annual meeting which will be held in Buffalo in July 23-15, 2015. We expect about 500 people at the conference. 

Thanks and God bless you.

My trip to the Holy Land Israel

It is a dream trip is a desired journey, but God is the one who knows when your turn is and when is your time. Since I was at a young age I always wanted to know the world. I thought where Jesus was born, my love for God and my faith; it grew and grew inside of me and with it to know the steps of Jesus. I dreamed about knowing of what I have always heard where Jesus was born, where the Angel Gabriel came to the Virgin Mary and to know where Jesus was born and suffered so much on his way with the cross. Well my dream came true and even more because I received a wonderful grace of the Lord that I know that everyone that visit those distant and blessed lands of the lord receive with open arms and those who seeks him receive his blessing if you come with open heart. It happened I went in the search of my heart to have an encounter with the Lord and I found it, I meet where he walked, where he suffer, where he celebrated his last dinner even where he was born and was happy healing the poor and those who knew of him.

One day my daughter Paloma tells me Mom go to Holy Land, go to Israel she said because she knows that in my heart I knew that I had this thirst the one that it will not heal with any water only with the water that only the Lord knows how to take away. I stared at her and I said to her ok Paloma I want to go, she stood up like guided by the Holy Spirit and immediately started to make arrangements. I still did not understand that God used her so that I can go in search of him, that he had plans for me.

She like the Sheppard contacted Mr. Ornan at Holyland Tours and it was the best decision since we wanted to find the right person to do a religious tour, but I turn up short because it was not only a religious tour with the content discipline and knowledge of the history that our tour guide made this experience masterly

I know that everything was prepared by this gentleman, the attention, the good service offered by Mr. Ornan, and after arriving to my first destination Tel Aviv I was to be reunited with my group and to begin our crossing it was something wonderful a trip that I will never forget and without being afraid of being wrong with my age 47 years old it was the best trip I ever had.

1. The places we visit like Caesaria, Haifa Acre, Tiberías. Capernaum, Banias, Nazareth, Beit Shean, Jerusalém and Massada. These where places that where impregnated in my heart and specially the Old City where I had the divine experience with the lord, where I felt that God touched my heart where I felt that I was not there by accident that I was in this place because God had a plan for me.

I invite everyone that have not yet been to visit these holy places and the land of God to go, to give yourself this wonderful gift because this will change your life and heart, we know how we arrive but we do not know how we will leave. It is so that I assure you that if you arrive with your hearts open and are willing to let god fill you with love you will receive his blessing not only for yourself but for your family as well, give yourself this gift and let god heal you and blessed your heart and give yourself the opportunity to Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus

Dear Thomas:

It was my intention to write to you upon returning from Israel, to tell you how awesome and wonderful the tour turned out to be.

Thomas, I am still in awe of the modernity and beauty of Israel , even though I know that my level of enjoyment and excitement there could have been much less were my cousin and I not fortunate enough to have the intelligence, knowledgeable and dedicated tour guide that Doron Kaufman was / is. I took a total of 1,750 photos; I will be making a photobook from them.

About our guide Doron — He was always pleasant (smiling) and caring, the best tour guide I have ever experienced. His impartation of what he knows about Israel is in its own ilk and he made every trip seem special.

It will interest you to know that I’ve been selling Israel to all my friends, work colleagues and family, telling all how safe I felt under the guidance of your representative and for them to be sure to book a trip there at some time via IBMT Tours’ Thomas Portman. I also encouraged each to ensure t that their tour guide be none other than Doron Kaufman.

So, until my next trip to Israel and with warmest wishes and kindest regards.


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