The "Dead Sea" - History and Facts

Published on July 09, 2019 by IBMT

Facts and History - The "Dead Sea"

When you book Holy Land tour packages from Canada, one place that should not be missed is the Dead Sea. It is a geographical marvel that is a one-of-kind attraction in the entire world. The Dead Sea is a landlocked saltwater lake that received most of its water from the Jordan River and the saltwater and mud baths can be therapeutic form health perspective when you visit. Our company IBMT Tours best orchestrates Israel tours for Christians that take in the Dead Sea. We have a wide network encompasses some of the best hotels and restaurants in the entire country, and we know Israel like no other travel company. Holy Land tours for Catholics in Israel can be a spiritual awakening while at the same time be the most fun you will ever have on vacation. By way of introduction, the Dead Sea occupies a piece of the region known as the ‘graben’ – the graben is a piece of the Earth’s crust that has collapsed creating a depression along with the tectonic plate that runs between the Red Sea and the Suez Canal. Approximately 2.5M years ago, the Dead Sea was overwhelmed with heavy stream flow that deposited many minerals in the Dead Sea and the highest concentration of minerals was rock salt. The rock salt has remained to this day and creates a surreal swimming experience when you descend into the waters; the buoyancy of the water creates a lightweight experience where you feel you won’t sink below the water surface.  Another point you should be aware of is that the Dead Sea sits approximately 400m below sea level making it the lowest place on Earth.

Dead Sea facts

  • The depth of the Dead Sea is over 350m and it the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. Minerals in large quantities in the lake include sodium chloride, mineral salts and salt levels higher than any ocean in the world.
  • Natural buoyancy is one of the most known facts about the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea, like the Great Salt Lake in Utah, bear similar characteristics for swimmers.
  • At almost nine times saltier than the ocean, the salinity of the Dead Sea makes for an extremely harsh environment for animals and plants. Most species of animals and plants suffer, wither and die in the area and the only thing that lives in in the water is small quantities of bacteria and microbial fungus.
  • The Dead Sea is 67kms long and 18kms wide at its widest stretch. The Dead Sea is rooted in the Jordan Rift Valley and its main source of water if the Jordan River.
  • With all the benefits that the Dead Sea provides in the area of health, it has become a large lab for research and treatment of many illnesses. The specific health effects that are provided by this unique area aren’t present in any other place in the world. High mineral content, combined with low content of pollens and allergens in the atmosphere are other sources of therapeutic relief for the afflicted. Low solar radiation – UV rays – and higher atmospheric pressure add to the mysterious health benefits that come from the Dead Sea.  
  • The Dead Sea can be considered the first vacation resort the world has ever seen. King David, from Biblical times, visited the site many times during his reign for all the benefits that the area provided, though the ancient Israelites weren’t aware of them at the time.
  • Funny thing, the Dead Sea belches discharges of asphalt from deep below the surface. Archaeological finds have been found to be coated with asphalt and bitumen and at first, scientists were stunned to find the artifacts coated with the black goo. The ancient Egyptians used the asphalt from the Dead for their mummification process and we see many cadavers from ancient Egypt well preserved to this day.
  • One thing is certain when you visit the Dead Sea a traditional mud bath should first and foremost at the top of the to-do list. The mud contains high concentrations of magnesium, calcium, and potassium. A mud bath will leave your skin smooth and silky, it can be the cure for skin disorders, prevent hair loss, reduces cellulite and stretch marks after pregnancy, is a pain reliever, increases circulation and will detoxify your body in a way that a diet just can’t.

The Dead Sea is a paradise in Israel, and we want to show you the best parts of the area when booking your trip to Israel with us at IBMT Tours. With more than 30-years experience writing travel itineraries that have sent people all across the Holy Land, we at IBMT Tours are best positioned to cater to your travel needs. Our travel consultants know the area well, will be able to take desires and turn them into reality when take time out to discuss your travel plans with us. Call our office today at IBMT Tours and let us start the process to get you to the Dead Sea for the best vacation you will ever take at 1.877.977.4268.


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