How a tour to the HolyLand will refresh your faith

Published on July 09, 2019 by IBMT

How a tour to the HolyLand will refresh your faith

Christians and Catholics can re-affirm their faith in God when they book Holy Land tours for Christians in Israel. The cradle of the Jewish faith, Christianity and Catholicism for more than 2000 years, Israel holds a special place in the hearts of the devout and the secular alike. If your starting point is America, Holy Land tours from United States can be arranged by our company; as well as domestic departures from Canada through us at IBMT Tours. We understand that your connection to God is a sacred one and we have the ability and connections in Israel to make your stay a comfortable one. Excellent accommodations, top-flight hotels and first-rate transportation to and from locations with a guide who knows their stuff are what we specialize in at IBMT Tours. Let us help you re-acquaint yourself with your faith or deepen it when you book your Holy Land tours for Christians with our company. See all the places where Christ went, see the places he preached and performed miracles and above all fall in love with one of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East, Israel. They say when you walk with God, you feel a divine presence that you will never feel again and we want you to enjoy that level of spiritual redemption that you may never experience again after your visit to the Holy Land.

Renew your faith, walk in the steps of the glory of God

  • Many of Christ’s journeys through the Holy Land have been well chronicled, and you can follow in the footsteps of Christ. On his journey across the Holy Land, Christ stopped at Mount Olives, delivering a sermon to the masses. Trek to the Sea of Galilee where Christ was frequent visitor, and take in all that Nazareth has to offer. Nazareth was Christ’s hometown, and John the Baptist baptized Christ in the Sea of Galilee.
  • For the devout and not so devout Christian and Catholic, visiting Biblical locations will be high on the list of things to do when galvanizing their faith in God. Some prime locations to see just what we all read about in the texts of Bible include the Temple of Tel-Arad, Mount Zion, the Pool of Siloam, the City of David and Temple Zero where it is thought that Abraham offered animal sacrifices to God.
  • The Holy Land offers adventures that many countries do not and a visit to Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea are but two of the many. You can observe the excavations that are constant in Israel, unearthing history from a bygone era that directly relates to the Christian and Jewish faiths. When you are at the Dead Sea make sure you take a dip in the saltwater lake as it will provide great health benefits and has been a staple for visitors for 2000 years.
  • If taking time out for some Bible studies is what your articles of faith comprise, you can learn from some of the most important scholars of your religious faith. There are many lectures a visitor can attend and get a fresh interpretation of the meaning of the verses of the Bible in a challenging, non-threatening way.
  • When you travel in a group as many do when renewing their faith, a level of Christian fellowship is developed among the travelers celebrating their love of God. The connections that are made in the Holy Land through Christian fellowship become life long friendships that wouldn’t have occurred without their faith in God.  

Our company, IBMT Tours understands how seriously you take your faith in God and thirst for the renewal of that faith is what drives us to create your excellent vacation. Our travel plans are created with your comfort and goals in mind and our team of travel consultants has been providing the best trips for travelers for over 30-years. A restoration of your Christian faith can be affirmed when booking your vacation destination to the Holy Land with us at IBMT Tours. To create your itinerary, call us at IBMT Tours today at 1.877.977.4268, and let us get you to the place where it all started, Israel.


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