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The story of Masada is one of the most important in Israeli history and when you take Holy Land tours from Canada to Israeli, you can learn it right from the people who hold the history dear. The story is of a conquered people, the Jews, by the Romans in 64 BCE. It began as slow annexation of the country – Jerusalem, and Judea – and cumulated in the siege of Masada. The people of this mountain top settlement refused to be enslaved by the Romans and chose a different path to maintain their independence. At IBMT Tours we arrange Holy Land tours for Christians of the area in and around Masada. For many years we have created great memories of the area and Israel – we have an extensive network of connections throughout the country to provide the best in accommodations and cuisine while seeing one of the most historically important countries in the world. We are considered an international travel company and we can book your Israel tours from the USA for those who are located stateside.

The mysteries of Masada

When Herod was anointed King of Judea, the populace resoundingly rejected his rule, but he did leave a legacy that is evident when you visit Masada for Holy Land tours for Christians. When you visit the area, you will see the mountaintop where the Jews held out against the Roman aggressors as your first stop. UNESCO has designated the area as a World Heritage Site and Masada has an outsized role in the history of the area.

  • To get to the ancient fortress that is Masada – located on a high plateau in the desert, you take a cable car to the top. It starts with a vista that is without parallel, and then the history washes over you. You can see the ruins of the site hard by the Dead Sea and see how the people endured the trouble that was brought to their door by the Romans. Masada stands a symbolic testament against oppression that resonates with every visitor who makes the trip to the site. It represents a will of a people who refused to sacrifice their religion and values to invaders who sought to put them in bondage as a conquered people.
  • The Masada Visitor’s Centre offers  great background information and artifacts that have been found in the area. At the centre, the detailed history of the struggle will be unveiled to help educate visitors along with the finds from the archaeological excavations that have run for many years.
  • If you want a traditional trip to the summit of Masada – you can take one of two paths to arrive at the summit. One is the path that is known as the Ramp Trail and the other is the Snake Trail that starts at the visitor’s centre. The Ramp Trail is much shorter for those who don’t want to make the long trek that is the Snake Trail. The Snake Trail takes approximately an hour to ascend and you will get superlative views of the region when you make this trip your choice.
  • Once atop the plateau, the Northern Palace will be yours to explore. In its day the Northern Palace, where Herod lived was an architectural marvel containing three floors, three terraces and a courtyard that has Corinthian columns surrounding the courtyard. Located at the northern tip of the plateau – the palace had a great view of the area and it was used as an early warning system to observe invaders that may march on the palace.
  • At the south end of the plateau is the Roman baths that are still preserved today. It possesses a heated flooring system, a cold bath and a hot bath that was well used by the Romans during their domination of the area. 
  • During one of the many excavations of the site, an ancient Synagogue was discovered and it is believed that this is the oldest of its kind and it dates back to the time of the Temple.

There is much to see and do in the area of Masada and lots of history to learn when you visit Masada. To get the most out of your vacation, leave the details of your trip to us at IBMT Tours. We have more than three decades of service to the travel industry and we produce quality vacations that live a lifetime. Masada is waiting for you and we want to send you to Israel when you call our office at IBMT Tours today at 1.877.977.4268 to book your trip to Masada.


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