Israel Christian Tours

Israel Christian tours

While most people know that Israel is predominately a Jewish country, most people don’t know just how intertwined the history of the country is with Christianity. You can take Christian heritage tours with us at IBMT Tours and we can show the best of all that is Israel when you are one of our Christian heritage tours. Certainly, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, are must-see sights for Christians visiting Israel, but there are other well-known sites that attract travelers and we at IBMT Tours will take you to the most popular and most important sites that Christians hold dear to their hearts. When you arrive in Israel, you will start your vacation in Tel Aviv – it is home base for many of the trips conducted by IBMT Tours due to the central location of the city in proximity to many attractions that are within a short distance of the city.

Christian trips to Israel, lots to see and do

•  The ‘city that never sleeps’ will be your host as you begin your travels through Israel. Tel Aviv is a well-known international city that is the best of all worlds. Culture and art are just the beginning of what this world-class city has to offer. A pulsating, vibrant nightlife will keep revelers busy until the early morning hours and the shopping rivals any important centre worldwide. The coastal city of Tel Aviv has great beaches that sit on the Mediterranean and the clear, blue, warm water will be refreshing when you take a dip or just sit on one of the many patios and enjoy the beautiful weather.

•  Jerusalem offers two distinct experiences for the traveler the Old City has many sites that date back almost two millennia, and the New City where the 21st century is in full swing on full display. When you start in the Old City, attractions like Mount of Olives, the Tomb of King David and the Western Wall are waiting for your attendance. There are many more stops along the way, and once you have seen them you can shift your attention to the New City. The Israel Museum is as good as any place to start your travel day; stop at the Shrine of the Book – where the Dead Sea Scrolls are housed – is another important destination. You can take a tour of the Knesset, and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Centre as you fill your day visiting many important landmarks in Jerusalem

•  Masada is a mountain top plateau where the Israelites made a last stand against Roman invaders over 2000 years ago. The Romans laid siege to the mountaintop and the defenders refused to surrender to the Romans. You can take a cable car trip up the side of the hill and visit the site and see how the Israelites defend themselves and the technology they used to keep water and food available. This site is one of the most popular on any IBMT Tours conducts and view of the Dead Sea from the top of the plateau is one that isn’t soon forgotten.

•  When you visit Israel, you must go to the lowest point on earth and that is the Dead Sea. It is over 400 metres below sea level and has increased buoyancy for the swimmers who take the plunge. The Dead Sea is heavy in mineral salt and that makes it easy for swimmers to float in the water as they while away luxurious day at the beach. Much of the black mud from the Dead Sea is used for therapeutic and cosmetics purposes and it said a mud bath has many cleansing and healing properties to it.

•  The hilltop community of Safed is home to mysticism in Israel and the city is dotted with a number of synagogues that reflect the beliefs of the people who live there. The town is the highest point in Israel and has a diverse climate, it is warm and welcoming in the summer months, and is a vacation destination for the locals and international visitors who stop in Safed. Safed is home to one of the country’s many artist colonies and the colony consistently creates work that is displayed in many art galleries across the country.

Holyland tours to Israel will take a traveler on a trip that will span thousands of years in the space of a week or two. You can see Roman technology that changed the world – the aqueduct, and an old Roman theatre that was discovered during an archaeological dig some years ago. Other highlights of Holyland tours to Israel include a visit to the Mount of the Beatitudes, a tour of the Golan Heights, and many churches and synagogues that hold special places in the hearts of those who practice Christianity or Judaism.

Not only do we specialize in Jewish heritage tours, but we can also create a vacation experience for a Christian who wants to see the Holy Land through IBMT Tours. Our company has been catering to the international traveler for over 30-years and we take great care to create the itinerary that will be remembered for a lifetime. Contact our team of travel experts to start to map out your vacation with IBMT Tours.

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