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Local Knowledge

IBMT- Holyland Tours has been hosting guests in The Holyland for over 30 years. We have complete familiarity with all of the venues, attractions, restaurants, and other suppliers who will contribute to your unparalleled experience. With offices in Miami, Toronto and Jerusalem we offer an elevated level of personal care before, during and after your trip.

5-Star Accommodations

Being surrounded by elegance and style makes any trip that much more enjoyable. It’s the level of service and attention to detail that sets an exceptional hotel apart, and this is the level of quality that you can expect from all IBMT - Holyland Tours properties.

Luxurious Transportation

On any tour you will be spending a certain amount of time on the road so you want to be comfortable—in fact, more than comfortable. With IBMT - Holyland Tours, you will have the smooth, quiet, climate-controlled ride of a limousine in a luxury motor coach.

Exceptional Service

Our reputation is built on providing an incomparable level of service. This means that your journey will be worry-free from your arrival to the day you say your final farewell. For us, it is more than a responsibility to provide the experience of a lifetime, it is a mission.

Premium Dine-Around Programs

One of the most enjoyable parts of any trip is the quality of your dining experiences. On your journey to the Holyland you will certainly not be disappointed. In fact, a culinary revolution is occurring in this area of the world that is combining regional fare with international influences to create taste sensations that delight even the most discriminating foodies. IBMT - Holy land Tours Dine-Arounds offer you thrilling dining adventures at no added cost. Your guide will provide suggestions and reservations and you will receive a voucher covering your entire meal (exclusive of beverages and tips).


We may not be the least expensive, but we provide a higher level of service excellence, exclusivity and overall quality than anybody providing Holyland excursions. The axiom that “you get what you pay for” is always true when you travel abroad, and it certainly applies to IBMT - Holyland Tours.

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